One älvtennis station is lit at the time. You pass over the light by getting down to the water and push the active stations button, in this semi-virtual ping pong game. The project promotes the Göta Älv river crossing Gothenburg as a somewhat forgotten resource.

The river flow in Gothenburg is today to a large extent cut-off by roads and commercial activity, but there is also a lack of tradition in looking at the water as something else than a space for industrial work. As the city is transforming, slowly turning towards the water with new areas of exploitation, the project aims to promote the idea of making use of and experiencing the water to more naturally becoming part of the city.

The älvtennis stations are not permanent. The intention is to be able to move and place them at new places as new areas are exploited. Älvtennis is only active on the dark seasons of the year, promoting activity and a lively city all year around.

First active period: October 18 - December 12, 2013.
Second active period: February 21 - Mars 26, 2014.

At Stigbergskajen // Sannegårdshamnen, Göteborg.

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